North Slope Stabilization Project

The North Slope Stabilization Project consisted of an initial mobilization (Phase 1) to perform emergency stabilization and a subsequent mobilization (Phase 2) in order to implement slope repairs and shoreline protection elements associated with the North Shore Slope. Principal construction activities included erosion control measures, clearing and grubbing, borrow, landfill, and perimeter area development, stormwater inlet structure/piping, construction of access road from crest of embankment to the shoreline, Static Stability Feature (construction of a 20-foot wide rip rap revetment along approximately 850 feet of the shoreline with a1.5(H):1(V) outer slope from toe to 15 feet.), Seismic Stability Feature (installation of 6,700 VF of drilled shafts to establish 15-foot wide soil stabilization zone), repair and rehabilitate 30-inch CMP stormwater culvert (Jack and Bore),final grading of project slope and install elements to provide slope stabilization and a greater safety factor, installation of an additional 15’ wide stabilization bench, restoration, and seeding/stabilization.

Due to the remote location & site conditions (1(H):1(V) Slopes, narrow benches, existing scours and proximity to Potomac River etc.) site access was extremely limited which proposed constraints on equipment size, site access and coordination of multiple construction activities in a limited schedule. Through collaboration with industry experts, we were able to research, obtain and modify equipment to fit the engineering requirements and restrictions of the site to successfully complete the project to exceed the engineer requirements.

The LOD of this project was within the Potomac River which is waters of the state. There were significant environmental concerns with completing this project. Through detailed hazard assessment, planning, best management practices and constant monitoring, Sequoia and our subcontractors were able to complete this project without a single environmental event.


Possom Point, Virginia

Type of Project

Shoreline Stabilization

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