Labyrinth Spillway Dam

Sequoia was awarded the contract to remove the existing dam that was breached during Hurricane Mathew and reconstruct in its place a 6 cycle, labyrinth spillway dam with associated auxiliary spillway and site erosion improvements. The project was in very close proximity to a United States Highway and had several conflicting utilities which made the control of water and access to the site challenging.

Sequoia began the project by engineering an alternate control of water concept to reduce the number of construction phases from three to two. Once approved, Sequoia constructed an earthen cofferdam around three sides of the work area, and a sheet pile wall on the fourth side which served as a water control diversion around the project. Once dewatered, the legacy structure was removed, and the new structure could be constructed. The new dam consists of over 5,200 cubic yards of reinforced concrete, 19,600 cubic yards of excavation and backfill, 7,000 tons of rip rap slope protection and 5 acres of clearing and revegetation.


Dunn, North Carolina

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